Lena Dunham Wants All Women to Become Raving Feminists

A few days ago, extremist feminist Lena Dunham participated in The View, which is a show I’m vaguely familiar with. I think a friend of mine called it a “women’s current events show where facts are replaced by emotions and knee-jerk suspicions.” Basically, a bunch of women sit around a table and discuss random world topics.


Lena Dunham was a recent guest on this, and it seems wherever she goes, unintentional hilarity and scorn follow because she’s simply incapable of resisting the urge to advertise her ridiculous, insulting, contradictory, and at times downright inhuman beliefs. She’s very good at proving by example how feminism is an evil ideology against human nature and turns women into ugly, bitter souls. So for her hard work at exposing the truth of feminism, I thank her.

In this latest case, Lena demonstrated another negative aspect of feminism, which is the selfish hunger for power and the desire to usurp men of their natural role in life and their masculinity.

First, Lena criticized white women who voted for Donald Trump. She alleged that they are racist because they voted “against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them.” She also said white women are unable to “look beyond their own backyard.”

This is deceitful guilt-tripping that targets white women, urging them to take on vast burdens beyond their own tribe. Why should a housewife feel shame and guilt over not personally caring for the welfare of people in Bangladesh? Why should she fight for the abortion rights of Somalian immigrants? Her main responsibility is to her husband and her family. It is a basic survival instinct of humans to first care for their own families, the people they love and see the most. To suggest the opposite — that your primary concern should be promoting “feminism,” and that your husband and children should just wait patiently in the background — is not only absurd, but anti-nature, and also threatens to loosen the ties that bind together families and nations.

Lena also says: “So many women aren’t raised with the rhetoric of self-empowerment. The message they hear from Donald Trump may be similar to the message they’ve heard from their fathers, brothers, husbands. They haven’t been given the message that they do matter. We have an incredible amount of work to do enlightening those women…”

Here she insinuates that men universally oppress women by making them believe they don’t “matter.” Why on earth would she think that women have no value? Could she be referring to various Islamic countries, where women cannot drive or be seen in public without male guardians? Where girls are forced into marriages with 40-year-old men who are free to physically abuse them?

No, Lena means that women only “matter” if they are empowered Western feminists like her. Housewives and women who live in good marriages, who lead modest and contented lives are worthless to her. They are brainwashed by the men in their lives. How dare women cook and clean and raise children! Don’t they know any better? Don’t they realize that true freedom is living without any sense of decency or responsibility?

This is what liberated women look like. Aren’t you persuaded to be the same?

Women are not supposed to be equal to men. Women are just as valuable as men, but they find their worth in different ways — by being feminine, gentle, caring, supporting wives and mothers. They have incredible worth because they are raising the future, while Lena Dunham and her kind are only leeching off the present.

A woman who competes with a man in his world, on his terms, will inevitably struggle and at times feel inferior. Every once in a while, there are brilliant women who find true success in the workplace, and they should be respected. But for the vast majority — peace and worth is found foremost in the home.

We often hear that feminists hate men, but actually they hate women the most of all. They are jealous of men and hateful of femininity. Just think — they want to tear down every element of femininity and replace it with distorted versions of masculinity. They hate childbearing, they hate the uniquely feminine role of wife and mother. They hate the idea of submissiveness, and instead teach girls to be upfront, argumentative, and abrasive. Modesty is also looked down on — slutwalks are considered “empowering.” Feminists are power-hungry, selfish, and shameless, and seek to destroy the harmony of the sexes.

Lena Dunham does not fight for women’s rights. She fights to destroy femininity by berating women who are happy with the duties nature and God rightfully gave them.


One thought on “Lena Dunham Wants All Women to Become Raving Feminists

  1. Szerintem igazából a leghabzóbb szájú feministák a lelkük mélyén másra sem vágynak, mint egy régi vágású, védelmező férfi képre maguk mellett. Mivel ezt nem kapják meg, zabosak. Ennyi 😀


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