Twitter May Ban me for Being a “Nazi”

Once again, there’s a push to get my Twitter account banned because I’m allegedly a dangerous Nazi. In this case, a Nazi is defined as someone who retweets Pepe memes, articles about migrant crime, and shares nature photographs and classical artwork from Central and Eastern Europe, and sometimes takes a kick at feminists and insane Hollywood liberals.

Badge I was awarded for heroic combat during the Meme Wars of 2016

This isn’t the first time a motion has been underway to get my account banned. A month ago, I hopped on to Twitter and noticed that I had gained a strangely large amount of new followers overnight even though I hadn’t posted anything particularly attention-grabbing. Then, I checked my email and saw that I’d received a dozen alerts of attempted email hacks. Bewildered, I checked Twitter more closely. A few followers had sent me messages saying “Congratulations!” and one guy linked a petition that had gone up the night before titled 500 Nazi Scalps. Well, that explained it. Some nutcase had listed a bunch of Twitter accounts which he believed were literally Hitler, and demanded Jack Dorsey to permanently ban them.

I find this all incredibly amusing, considering I haven’t actively used Twitter in about a month, and I haven’t posted any Youtube videos in twice that amount of time. Still, I don’t really want to lose my Twitter account, so I was wondering what I could do to gather some quick SJW points.

An idea came to me when I was passing by my local mall where a few days earlier I had spotted H&M’s hideous new spring collection for women. I usually don’t waste time complaining about clothes, but these items stopped me in my tracks.

There’s a dingy rocker store in the underpass in Nyugati Railway Station between the sex shops and cheap pizza stand, and that’s where I’ve seen shapeless, oversized clothes like the above. Has H&M gone insane? These things were clearly designed for feminists, lesbians and unsuspecting normal women in an attempt to infect them with the feminist disease.

It’s worth noting that H&M has been on a steady path to full SJW levels. I noticed this last year with their promotional video featuring a bunch of fat women, hairy-armpitted women, rude women, shaved-head women, manspreading women, and also Bruce Jenner. Who is, by the way, officially the “Face of H&M” now.

So, in an effort to save my account, here’s some “body positive” feminist clothing I tried on from H&M.


This is size small! Wearing this sweater makes me feel fifty pounds heavier and like I’m ready to go to a Hillary Clinton rally.
“Leave me alone” “Not your babe” “Don’t touch!”

Oh, and speaking of body positivity, let me share this — FAT CONCEITED BITCH: the clothing line.

The all-caps text reads “Loyalty & Orgasms”

My wide hips continued to be a problem with the bottom part of most shirts and jackets.

I haven’t got much to add to this, just that it’s immeasurably sad how women are being used as pawns in a political and cultural battle against traditional values and western society. We’re living in an upside-down world where some women have been successfully convinced that it’s good to behave as crudely and obnoxiously as possible. The H&M clothes are nothing compared to the giant black trash bag-type jacket that advertises one’s off-putting attitude to the public. And women are expected to be proud of this!
I do feel bad for obese women in particular because they get the greatest pressure from the feminists to be abrasive and irresponsible. Feminists never help obese women get the necessary care and support to lose weight. They just tell them to fuck what other people say, “eff your beauty standards,” to quote obese model Tess Holliday, and be proud to eat donuts and Starbucks milkshakes for every meal.

On Twitter, it’s fine to be a FAT CONCEITED BITCH and support a selfish, lazy form of existence. It’s encouraged to reward yourself for mediocrity, but if you so much as suggest that upholding feminine virtues is an ideal, then you’re a Nazi. And if you happen to be a woman, then you’re also a brainwashed tool of the patriarchy, and you better watch out because a mopey Lena Dunham is out to change your mind.

Remember, ladies. According to feminists, looking nice, bathing regularly, being gentle, loyal and feminine is bad because that’s what oppressive, evil men want you to do. This means you must do the exact opposite and be obese slobs and argue and compete with men constantly. Fight the power!

Join the Women’s Strike on March 8th! Wear red, don’t go to work, and interrupt traffic on the highways! More infomation on this exciting event in my next blog post.


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