Classic Coconut-Chocolate Squares

This recipe is for mouthwateringly delicious coconut squares (kókuszkocka in Hungarian). They are a very popular old-school dessert in Hungary that you can find being sold at all the various Hungarian bakery chains.

The squares themselves are made with honey and taste quite nice on their own with a side of jam, but they are the best when dipped into a hot chocolate topping that literally seeps into the dough, making it so juicy. Topping it off with coconut flakes creates a perfect dessert!

Time needed:

10 minutes to mix together the dough.
20-30 minutes of baking.
10-20 minutes to make chocolate topping and dip the squares into it.

For about 40 medium-sized squares, the ingredients needed are:

400 grams of flour.
3 tablespoons of baking powder (about 12 grams)
80 grams of margarin
200 grams of powdered sugar
2 eggs
3 tablespoons of honey
200ml of milk

For the chocolate topping:

100ml of milk
3 tablespoons of of Holland cocoa powder (or a high-quality cocoa powder)
80 grams of dark chocolate (with high cocoa percent. 45%-52% is ideal)
150 grams of margarin
150 grams of white sugar


1. Slightly melt the butter in the microwave (I put it in for 20 seconds) and mix it together with the powdered sugar. Then, mix in the eggs one-by-one.

2. Add in the 3 tablespoons of honey.

3. Then add in the milk. Finally, mix the baking powder together with the flour, and add it to the rest of the mixture. The result should be quite thick and sticky.
In a large baking tray with high sides and padded with baking paper, pour in the mixture so that it’s about 3-4 centimeters thick. Make sure it’s not too thick, otherwise there’s a risk that the center will remain raw.

4. Before and after baking. When the top is golden-brown, it should be good, but test with toothpicks to make sure the center is done, as well.

5. Try to make symmetrical squares. I always fail at this part. 😀

6. Mix together the ingredients of the chocolate topping in a pot until completely melted and boiling. Turn off the stove, but keep the topping warm and individually dip in the squares.

7. Finally, coat the squares freshly soaked in chocolate with the coconut flakes.

8. Best served warm and fresh, but they are good for days. 🙂



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