The Trick is to Keep Caring

After the latest (London Bridge) terrorist attack, it’s becoming common for people to care less about the bloodshed. Two years of the migrant crisis and half a decade of migrant gang rapes, bombings, truck attacks, and assaults by machetes and knives is what it took for us to stop being shocked. People across the political spectrum are fatigued over the issue. On the Right, we have sarcastic commentary and criticism for our (rightfully and deliberately) ineffective leaders and the idiots whining about islamophobia. On the Left, we have the usual virtue-signalling, the tired #PrayforCity hashtags, candle-lit vigils, short-lived tears and calls to keep our hearts open for refugees.

To the victims and their families, the London Bridge “incident” (as the mainstream likes to refer to it) will be remembered forever. But to the rest of us — it’s just a tiny increase in the statistical likelihood of terrorist attacks in the West, and the causes and true details will be ultimately hushed up by the media and political leaders. They want us not to care too much. To do nothing more than to lift our heads in sorrow for a moment, as we would for victims of a natural disaster, and then continue on with our lives. Victims of terrorism are no more than victims of lightning strikes. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nothing will change, nothing will get better, our leaders will continue guiding our unwitting and cowed population towards their goal of a rootless globalist society incapable of defending itself and requiring a despotic state to provide it with illusory security and distract it from reality with constant, degenerate audio-visual stimulation, drugs, and meaningless sex.

Meanwhile, terrorists will continue attacking us on our streets, and this will become our new way of life. Safety is not guaranteed.

Of course, safety was never guaranteed. It’s not a “human right” unless we do what is necessary to achieve and maintain it. For decades, we in the West have been lulled into a false sense of security, selfishly thinking we are above the troubles of the world. War, violence, it would never reach us. We have forgotten the sacrifices it takes for us to live in peace. And no, I’m not talking about handing over our privacy to an omnipotent State who will rule over us, but about remembering the way it used to be: with communities of caring, like-minded families looking out for each other’s best interests.

I understand how some of us feel that we deserve these attacks. We’ve lost our faith, our identity, our love for our ancestors and our desire to provide for and teach proper values to our children. We let drag queens flash their g-strings to children at elementary school talent shows. We’ve forgotten to live modestly, in moderation. We blaspheme God. We’re pathetic, and I’m just as disgusted by the suicidal SJW brigade as anyone.

To keep this rambling short, I just want to write that for now, all we can do is learn some self-reliance, live a minimalist, humble lifestyle, and teach our children the same. The traitors and hopelessly suicidal in our society will get their natural reward. When I say we need to keep caring, I am referring to our civilization. We have been through so much, accomplished so much, we have endless potential as a people, and this decline can be reversed. We won’t accept terrorism as normal, we won’t accept millions of third-world migrants, we won’t let our children be drugged into submission. God wills it.


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