Painting with Period Blood: How Modern Feminists and Media Trick Women into Destroying Themselves

It’s no surprise to us on the Alt-Right that the modern feminist movement is a scam which tricks women into degrading themselves in a variety of ways, mental and physical, while masquerading under the premise of providing “empowerment”. Not only a cultural phenomenon, and certainly not a grassroots movement, as its leaders, like the pro-Sharia law Muslim provocateur “activist” Linda Sarsour, often claim, within modern feminism there lurks a globalist and Marxist political presence which seeks to drill through its aims of a world without borders and traditions by manipulating women into abandoning their natural and sacred duties as loving mothers and kind-hearted wives.

How does this manipulation happen? And why are women the targets? I’m sure we’ve all seen videos of irascible, wide-eyed females doing all sorts of insane or distasteful things from wearing vagina costumes to protest Donald Trump, to baring their breasts for every random cause from climate change to the support of illegal migration, and we wonder how on earth these women do not see how misled they are. We wonder how they aren’t aware of their own degradation and unhappiness. And yet, when countered, they unequivocally roll off the same string of indoctrinated words in defense: “We represent love, justice for all genders, colors, sizes and sexual preferences, against your hatred, intolerance, and greed!”

I’d like to explain the formula which the feminist and similar social justice movements use when seeking to mobilize women to their cause. Hopefully, this will provide some basic awareness to young women who wish to keep themselves from being exploited by these harmful groups, and not end up fifty pounds overweight with their heads shaved and doing genderfluid sex work in their spare time after two semesters.

The formula is quite simple and it is always the same. A great recent example that actually almost managed to shock me (not an easy feat considering I’ve seen everything from Lobster Porn to a woman knitting with yarn she stuck up her vagina) is a Buzzfeed video titled: “We Painted Pictures With Our Menstrual Blood To Break The Stigma That Periods Are Gross.”

A group of liberal women were guided through the painting process by Jewish artist Sarah Levy who is famous for her 2015 portrait of Donald Trump done entirely in her own menstrual blood. Like all women active in the feminist movement, she also has extreme leftist and Socialist political affiliations. Her painting of Donald Trump titled “Whatever” was featured in Socialist Worker and Red Wedge Magazine.
The latter is an unabashedly Marxist outlet with a manifesto that dreams of preparations for a Socialist revival. From the magazine’s interview, I must highlight this particularly absurd quote by Sarah Levy: “there has been a correlation between the rise of class society and capitalism with the creation of women as second-class citizens, and that the menstrual shame has come out of this.”

That’s right, capitalism makes women feel ashamed for their periods, therefore women must fight back by painting still lifes with their menstrual blood. Fight the power!

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to convince women into doing such obscenities, here is the formula broken down:

First, women are told with dire conviction that they are victims. They are being “shamed”, to use the current buzzword. Fat-shamed, period-shamed, slut-shamed, by various enemies. The enemies are the usual interchangeable spokes on the patriarchal wheel: average heterosexual white men, Donald Trump, Russia, capitalism, Christians, Nazis. Whatever High Command tells them they must hate. The vaguer the enemy, the better.

Next, persuaded by lots of flowery, feel-good language (love, justice, solidarity, equality, human rights) women are called upon to fight back against their imagined oppressors by being as fat as possible, smearing period blood in public, and turning into huge sluts. Doing the very thing they are told not to do by the “enemies”. The irony is they do that which ultimately degrades and infantilizes them the most, furthering the globalist agenda.

Why is this persuasive technique so effective? Many women care little for politics and cannot see they are being used as tools to further political change. They are well-meaning, naive, and their only desire is to go through life feeling a general sense of security and some greater meaning or belonging to a legacy that goes beyond their lives. This is everything that the family and Church represents, but has been turned against them and replaced by the worship of temporal things.

Women have a natural caring and trusting nature, and this is genuinely wonderful. But it is our very generosity, devotion, and kindness that is taken advantage of by feminists and their political motivators. Instead of being loving, kind, and devoted to our families and people, we have been tricked into viewing them as the enemy. Instead, it is careers, money, material possessions collected as status symbols, casual sex and birth control, travelling around the world, illegal immigrants, and every variety of behavior that guarantees no greater future is pushed as the ideal life for a Modern Empowered Woman.

This battle for the minds of women is nothing new. It is, quite literally, a Biblical one, and one we must face without fear. Women are the weaker vessel and we are more easily deceived. Biologically, as well, it is our wombs and those first crucial years spent nurturing our children that ultimately determines the future of a civilization. Thus, we must be secure in knowing our place in life and from where true contentment and happiness springs otherwise we are easy targets for those that seek to harm us and our families.

After all, the snake rightfully chose Eve, and not Adam.



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