There’s Nothing Like a Rainbow During a Summer Sunset

Before the LGBT brigade hijacked the rainbow as a symbol of their push to normalize their reprobate agenda, rainbows were signs that marked God’s divine faithfulness and mercy over the earth and its living things. In Genesis 9: 14-15, God makes his covenant with Noah after the flood, and the rainbow is the symbol of His promise:

Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

I have always loved storms, especially sudden brutal summer storms that come and go with a turbulent roar. As a kid, I would run outside during this time and watch the black clouds draw near and the wind pick up, loving every breath of that fresh air and the big drops of rain. My father would usually go down to the garage during summer storms, open the door wide and drink a couple of beers and watch the rain with a peaceful gaze. Sometimes, with lightning flashing in the background, he’d listen to classic rock cassettes while lifting weights in the garage which he’d turned into a makeshift private gym with equipment he’d either salvaged or built himself completely from scratch. Sometimes, if he saw a storm coming and I hadn’t noticed it yet, he’d yell for me excitedly: “Look what’s nearing!”

Great memories.
But the best experience is when there’s a rainbow at the end of a storm, and today, after a very long time, I managed to witness one.

Is there any feeling more cleansing to the soul than standing barefoot on the damp pavement of your backyard terrace, looking out at a rainbow set firmly before a dissipating afternoon storm? The leaves of birch trees and bushes glow a deep gold in the sun’s final rays, forming a brilliant contrast with the dark grey clouds that cover three-quarters of the sky.
There’s a light summer breeze that carries the scent of roses. Nightingales are singing.

If the old verses can be believed, they come at a timely moment for I know I am at the end of a harsh chapter of my life, one that offered the greatest test of my morals to date. How good it is to see that rainbow, a sign that this test is over. Inexpressible.

I’ve learned what I needed to, and I’m free to move on.


One thought on “There’s Nothing Like a Rainbow During a Summer Sunset

  1. Thanks for this. Although there’s been a bit of a push lately to “reclaim” the rainbow, I don’t think it’s necessary — the rainbow has always been what God has said it is, no matter how others try to redefine it for their own purposes. We just need to stand firm on what He has said, and not back down in the face of opposition . . . regardless of whatever social capital it may cost us.


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